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Raspberry Pi Clock

A fun little Raspberry Pi Project

Yes, Raspbian Jessie has been around for a while..  And I've finally gotten the instructions updated to work with it.


I had a bedside clock.  I wanted something new.   #PiZero + Wifi Dongle + Display + Power Supply.   The story in pictures.





Some updates

The last couple weeks have seen a few minor tweaks to the PiClock.

Removed the requirement of a Google Maps API key.

Added a guide for using just the Clock/Weather part of the project (for non-Pi peeps) https://github.com/n0bel/PiClock/blob/master/Documentation/Install-Clock-Only.md

After putting the project on hackaday.io, and featured on the hackaday blog, several people have setup their own PiClock and I've heard from a few, helped a few, it's been a fun time.

Thoughts and Future plans.

Here are some things I have in mind for the PiClock:

Adding a web server so you can:

Make changes to the configuration easily thru a web gui

Upload different background images and flip them as you like

Adding plug-in support, to add your own "things" that can be added to the pages without bothering the main code.

Stock ticker?

Calendar reminder

I'll consider all GitHub pull requests as well.








I've created a github repository for the PiClock.   So now you can make your very own PiClock!  YAY!   https://github.com/n0bel/PiClock

I've included an overview of the PiClock, step by step Install instructions, and details about additional hardware (IR Remote, buttons, LEDs).   Links to all that is in the "Readme" of the github project.   If you find any problems, open an issue on github, and I'll do my best (my time allowing) to help and fix problems with source or documentation.