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This site is created and maintained solely by NØBEL, Kevin. (NØBEL is my Amateur Radio Callsign of course)   Here you'll find various projects that I'd like to share publicly.  Most of my projects are technical in nature, although not all of them.  I started this site in February 2014, but have included a few projects from the prior year.

Those of  you who also know me from Facebook, may see the same posts there, although I'll slowly transition to this site, and post links over there.

Why?  I dunno really.  Over the past few months I've found it enjoyable to post my projects, successes and failures on Facebook, to both my techie friends and my "normal" friends.  I've enjoyed the comments, speculations and suggestions.  Since I choose to only accept Facebook friends of people that I know personally, and since I don't really like the idea of Facebook Pages, I thought I'd set up a website I'd have full control of.

Amateur Radio may be involved in some of my projects but surely not all.   I was first licensed in 1979, my Senior Year in High School.   My "Elmer" was one year younger than me going to the same High School.

Unless otherwise credited, the pictures on my site were taken or created by me.

Thanks for your interest.

de NØBEL, Kevin