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I've created a github repository for the PiClock.   So now you can make your very own PiClock!  YAY!   https://github.com/n0bel/PiClock

I've included an overview of the PiClock, step by step Install instructions, and details about additional hardware (IR Remote, buttons, LEDs).   Links to all that is in the "Readme" of the github project.   If you find any problems, open an issue on github, and I'll do my best (my time allowing) to help and fix problems with source or documentation.


I'm really excited to put this out there.   Already I've built a few PiClocks for friends and family.   And I'm looking forward to how people redo the graphics and presentation to their liking.

Here's some of the clocks I've made....













Have fun making clocks!  I look forward to hearing from you!