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b_200_200_16777215_00_images_20150327_004412.jpgSo she says, pointing to my #PiClock hanging on the wall, "I need one of those, so I can see the snow and rain approaching."  Ok sure I thought, but I had no spare monitors to throw at it.  A few days later, my buddy Chris said, "I have 2 27" monitors, if you make me a PiClock for one, I'll give you a montior."  "Deal!", was my reply.

The background was inspired by her love of hunting and archery.

So of course I had to take it apart for installing a good 5v power supply, tapping off of the 14v adapter that plugs into it.   I didn't see a good way to mount it at first (where'd that VESA standard go?), so I mounted a piece of acrylic stood off the back of the case by about an inch.   The Pi, and the rest are mounted to that.   Not a bad deal.   I had an extra #RaspberryPi model B hanging around, and donated that to the project, as well as about 2 meters of RGB #NeoPixels from #Adafruit.