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[ original facebook post 11/2/13 ]

I have been playing with Raspberry Pi's for a little while, mostly as a media center pc replacement, for which it works quite well.  I was rearranging my living room and finding that I needed a clock on a particular wall, partly because the wall was bare and partly because my new watch-tv-seating had no view of a clock.

I saw a left over monitor in the corner, and a thought was born....b_200_200_16777215_00_images_stories_piclock1_IMG_20131102_233732_990.jpg




Some experimenting with a Pi, that I had as a spare for some as yet unknown project, showed that Midori (the Pi's browser) was based on webkit, and it was pretty fully implemented.   I then retired to Chrome (also webkit based) for a development session.   

Some html and javascript later, we have a clock!   The source file for Midori is simply stored on the file system.  I didn't bother with a web server, since its a static page, with javascript running the show.   I topped it off with the current weather conditions scraped from some weather site.




#PiClock #RaspberryPi