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I've done some work on the PiClock, which is a Raspberry Pi and an hdmi monitor. Its a clock and a weather display, hanging on my wall in the living room. I put it together about a year ago. 


Now I've done some changes.
Tapped into the display power supply for powering the Pi.
Removed the plastic frame.
Added a strip of RGB leds.

In its previous incarnation, the Pi was hanging below the monitor, and had a separate power cable, plus some electronics that I never got around to doing much with.   So I wanted to make a more compact version.

I figured I'd be able to use the internal 5v inside the monitor to run the Pi, but it proved too current limited, so I used a little buck regulator and tapped off of a 12 volt line that the back light power supply generated.   Also I did away with the bezel and covered the exposed metal with black vinyl tape.

The display software is simply using Midori (web browser) that autostarts when the Pi boots.   The page is a static page with Javascript (and jquery) doing the work pulling weather data from the web and of course moving the hands.

The LEDs are driven off of a pin on the Pi using https://github.com/jgarff/rpi_ws281x, and a programs that rotates colors through the color wheel around the clock.    It makes a cool ambilight accent.







Here's a little video of it in motion: https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1002430273105567

 #PiClock #RaspberryPi