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Some updates

The last couple weeks have seen a few minor tweaks to the PiClock.

Removed the requirement of a Google Maps API key.

Added a guide for using just the Clock/Weather part of the project (for non-Pi peeps) https://github.com/n0bel/PiClock/blob/master/Documentation/Install-Clock-Only.md

After putting the project on hackaday.io, and featured on the hackaday blog, several people have setup their own PiClock and I've heard from a few, helped a few, it's been a fun time.

Thoughts and Future plans.

Here are some things I have in mind for the PiClock:

Adding a web server so you can:

Make changes to the configuration easily thru a web gui

Upload different background images and flip them as you like

Adding plug-in support, to add your own "things" that can be added to the pages without bothering the main code.

Stock ticker?

Calendar reminder

I'll consider all GitHub pull requests as well.