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Stove Rebuild

The process and progress of rebuilding my 1978 FRIGIDAIRE Compact 30 Stove, with digital controls.

[original facebook post 12/23/13]

So the parts arrived, ok cool.   But rather than loosing my stove while I developed the software to load into the controllers, I thought I should go with some sort of development platform.


So... the plan mannnnn....

After a bunch of consideration and chatting with my techie friends at coffee (no i don't drink coffee, but we meet in a coffee shop).... the plan formed.

Of course each element would be turned on/off by a solid state relay.   The relay in turn would be controlled by some sort of micro controller.   I've been working with Atmel embedded CPUs since 2002 or so.   Atmel, some of you may recognize is the cpu of choice for the Arduino series of boards and gadgets.  Specifically the Atmega328.