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Stove Rebuild

The process and progress of rebuilding my 1978 FRIGIDAIRE Compact 30 Stove, with digital controls.

[original facebook post 12/21/13]

Initial non-destructive partial disassembly for cleaning and exploration under the cooktop. Notice the picture that shows why one burner didn't work for a couple years. The last pictures show that I did get it back together.


I have an old stove.  2 elements don't work right.  Its a drop in model, and I'm not feeling like I want to figure out how to fit a new one in between the granite counter tops.   It needs cleaning, it needs rewiring.   I'm suspecting the oven is off temperature.

So what to do?   How 'bout rebuilding it with completely digital controls.  How 'bout letting a Raspberry Pi, control the show with a nice touch screen and remote web interface?  How 'bout controlling each element with a nice little ATMega and SSRs?  (Atmel single chip computers, ATMegas, aka Arduino, altho i've been working with Atmel CPUs since before anyone thought of Arduinos -- anyone remember 2313's?)