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Doesn't it always seem like personal blogs go dark, often?  I mean.. you see post after post, then nothing.  As avid followers (are there any out there?) may have noticed that appened here too.

Possibly I have a good excuse.   I had a house fire.   January 3rd 2015.   It was a small fire.   Caused roof damage.  It was a chimney fire.   Noone was hurt, not even my cat.  Personal and business records survived, as well as computers and storage systems.  Long story short, they had to take the roof off my house, put it back on, and restore the rooms affected by smoke and water damage.  I'll post pictures at the bottom of this blog entry.  


While they rebuilt, the house was deemed "unsafe", and I had to live in either a hotel, or apartment, from January through the middle of August.   Let me say it was difficult, and boring to be without my house, tools, and workshop.   Gracie (my cat) would look at me alot with a bored expression as well.   

Even in the midst of this I managed to get a small (half a kitchen table) work space, and arrange my main workstation and NAS, to work well enough to turn out some projects.  Major updates to the PiClock and some ESP8266 projects did in fact progress (as evidenced by various blog entries), as well as a mention on the HACKADAY blog.

During this time I signed up with hackaday.io as well, to show off some of my project work.

I was also dealing with Gracie (my cat) discovering she had cancer.   She used up all her 9 lives battling with it in August.  Then after feeling quite lonely for a couple of months, I got a rescue, an orange male tabby named Shi (like Shy).   He was a kitten, and those first few days, I wasn't sure which one of us was going to survive.   But we have grown together, and things are going well.

The holidays came around with fun family gatherings and decorating.   I hosted Christmas for my kids and their family.   During that time I received my WiPy kick starter boards, and put one of them to use running a string of LEDs and stuck them to the house.  

If you follow my public facebook page, you may have seen some of those events.

So its now January, and things are going well for me.   Work is busy, my cat is getting big, and I have some more free time for projects.

So lets get going on 2016 projects.


2015 - the year in pictures.