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I subscribe to http://www.hackerboxes.com Every month they send me a box of "stuff". My main reason for doing this is because I'm exposed to some random parts, some of which I've not seen before, and may find useful.

This month's Hackerbox included an Orange Pi Lite. They included instructions and parts for an lcd display and a push button thingy, and other things to get you started.

Well of course I didn't bother with that, and simply went straight to my PiClock. After burning an SD card (with armbian), a few minutes fussing and searching how to connect to my WiFi, and then a few more minutes of apt-get's the PiClock main program was up and running.

Question? Should I target the Orange Pi series of boards as an alternative PiClock platform? Orange Pi Lite (Wifi): $12USD+shipping from AliExpress ($20USD Amazon). Orange Pi One (Ethernet) $10USD+shipping from AliExpress ($17USD Amazon).