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I've updated my PiClock https://github.com/n0bel/PiClock with some new features:


  • Language Support
  • Satellite Image instead of Radar Image
  • Dimmable Radar images (for the Bedside clock skin)

 As more and more people make their own PiClocks all over the world, there have been more requests for better language support.  Also gave the option to enable satellite images instead of radar images, for those areas where Weather Underground doesn't seem to support radar.



 You may recall I made a bedside version of this with a PiZero and a 7" LCD.  http://n0bel.net/v1/index.php/projects/raspberry-pi-clock/39-how-to-waste-another-saturday I've updated the code to deal with dimming the radar images, so things are not so bright at night.

Language support

The config file now contains a wuLanguge setting (set according to the API's language codes), which will change the language of the forecast and current conditions.   In additon, DateLocale has been added to specify the locale for showing the date.   The locale must be installed in the Pi before it works.   Also new in the config for supporting languages are several variables that can be changed to reflect a language specific word.  Previously words like 'Pressure' 'Humidity', etc were hard coded.   Now they can be tailored for the proper language.

Satellite Images

Some areas of the world aren't covered by Weather Underground's radar api.   I'm assuming it has to do with access to weather radar data that must be obtained from various European services.   In those cases the Satellite IR images are available.   I've included a new config variable 'satellite' set to 0 or 1.   Set it to 1 to use satellite images instead of radar images.   The satellite images are IR images showing the temperatures (height) of the cloud tops or ground.

Dimmable Radar Images

When I made the bedside version of the PiClock, it was way too bright.   Turning down the LCD made the other parts of the clock less readable, so I added the ability to overlay the radar image with a dimming mask.   You can set the color, and the alpha (transparency) in the config.

b_200_200_16777215_00_images_20160123_194938.jpg And here's a few more images of the bedside clock.    It uses a PiZero, a 7" LCD display, and a Wifi Dongle soldered to the PiZero.



b_200_200_16777215_00_images_20160723_155343.jpgAnd of course.. my cat, who absolutely HAD to be in the picture.