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b_200_200_16777215_00_images_collage.jpgThis project has been kicking around for years.   Several years ago I set up an 8 zone lawn sprinkler system.  You know those 24vac controlled valves and sprinklers and stuff.   ESPrinkler has been upgraded to ESPrinkler2.   It is still a DIY project, not for the feint of heart, but still a fun project.  

ESPrinkler2 has its own home on GitHub https://github.com/n0bel/ESPrinkler2 It even got a couple of stars, without it even being finished.  Its page has been updated on https://hackaday.io/project/6212-wifi-lawngarden-sprinkler-controller-esp8266 as well.

It's been fun getting it up to date.  I've moved it from a ESP SDK based project to an Arduino/ESP8266 based project.  Hopefully this will make it a bit more "accessible" to the DIYers out there.   Most notably I've added an OLED option and an RTC option. Here's a recap of its features:

  • Web server based (ESP8266WebServer)
  • Responsive UI (desktop/mobile/tablet) written around Jquery, Foundation5, and jsoneditor
  • 8 Zones (relays)
  • Up to 30 Schedules
  • NTP Time (or set from browser)
  • RTC Option pcf8563 or ds1307
  • OLED Display Option
  • ArduinoOTA update (code and spiffs)
  • HTTP Server Update (code and spiffs)

Take a look, click some stars, skulls, likes or whatever!   Have fun with this project!